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Difficult delivery for the Demers family

Dominic Demers sold his “Wave Dancer” CS-44 goal Claude Abbott His Son Derek and him Considering a return to the waves in a not too distant future.


It is with a heavy heart That the members of the family have left Date Demers from Their Wave Dancer last week.

For Dominic Demers and her son Derek, the selling Desired Their boat class 2.5L finally materialized at the Sami time, the separation is difficult. “It is with sadness That I sold my boat because i love this sports more. The races are really Become a passion, a disease,” Said the Journal form the owner of the CS-44.

Dominic says he will miss the appearance of hydroplane racing family. “Weekends with family with my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, It Was magical. And what about Derek, man, wicked sick of racing That Will Surely take over later,” Expressed the “retired”.

ALTHOUGH the acquisition of Wave Dancer by Claude Abbott marks the end of an era for Dominic Demers, everything indicates That It Will not be a finality. “I made ​​a compromise with my better half, Sonia. I attacked him i would do three years with the boat Any more, and I’m oven. The next, it Will Be five or more” years About did he mean.

His sound Derek Meanwhile, is already dreaming of a return to the Wave Dancer on the speedboat journey. “It is very Likely That you’ll ever see That Name on the water,” he Predicts.

Derek Demers WAS keen to stress the path the team Followed By Following The purchase of the hull, formerly year Export A inc. Russell Haworth, in 2010 “The Wave Dancer made ​​us live beautiful and bad times goal overalls It was a success. When the ship arrived in the family, Many thought he Could Be Among the best. We Worked hard to bring it as fast as possible, and that’s what allowed us to finish eighth in the championship points in 2014 in this class Where everyone is fast, ” shoulds he Testify.

Originally published at www.hebdosvalleyfield.ca on October 21, 2014.

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