F1H2O Grand Prix de France 2015 Powerboating Photos and Video by Bernard Sullet

Powerboating Grand Prix de France 2015 (F1H20)! 
Evian in June hosted a workshop of the F1 Powerboat World Championship on Lake Geneva. This event marks the return of the competition in France after-eight years of failure! 
This round of the world championship F1H2O Brought together 18 international champions, Including our World Champion (2014) Philippe Chiappe title, Representing nine teams That compete in gear ble of reaching the 250 km / h on the water! 
Downloading file (downloading) here: http://auplusnet.com/F1H2O.zip Resolution: 3840 x 2160 video UHD Director: Bernard SULLET Tools: Samsung NX500 + 50-200 OIS (video / photo) Nikon D7100 + Nikkor 28/300 (photo) Website: www. auplusnet.com

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