No word yet on who will be the primary sponsor of the Miss Madsion H1 Hydroplane

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Well the New Years celebrations are all done now and the streamers are all swept up so lets get back to racing news. Over the past few hours we have seen a few tidbits of light starting to come out regarding who will be the primary sponsor of the Miss Madison.

Over at HydroNews they posted a small glimmer of hope but not much.

Though he wasn’t at liberty to mention details, it does sound like there are meetings happening currently with two different potential sponsors to take over the primary sponsorship of the team, replacing the Oberto name. A decision and choice of sponsorship is expected after the first of the year. He did note that they do hope to have Oberto involved in some form moving ahead.”

We also notice that over on the old Oberto Facebook Page there is also a small acknowledgment.

This is still the official Facebook Page of the Miss Madison Race Team and we are proud of our long association with the Oberto family and company. We are also proud of the accomplishments of Jimmy Shane and the entire race team in 2015. We look forward to what 2016 will bring and will update the page name when the time is right.

Well not much I know but hey its a start so stay tune as we keep an eye out for news that is sure to break sooner or later. More news after the break.

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