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2016 Governor’s Cup Regatta Cancelled

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The committee has spent the months since the 2015 event evaluating the state of inboard hydroplane racing, looking at teams that have participated in the past, taking inventory of how many teams could possibly be encouraged to attend the Celina Regatta, and looking at other inboard hydroplane race events in Ohio and Michigan. Unfortunately, the declining boat count has effected other races as well. In 2013 there were 4 events, in 2014 there were 3, and in 2015 there were just 2.

The full article can be found here on the cancellation of the 2016 regatta http://bit.ly/1Obs7F8

Facebook Post on HydroplaneWolrd Group by Denver Ray Mut Every major racing series in North America, road racing, drag racing, circle track racing, motorcycle racing, kart racing, has a national event level group of people that travel to every race on the calender to conduct the races to support and guide the local group that put the races on. If we ever want this sport to grow into a national level motorsport again, we need to study what the successful motorsport organizations are doing and learn from them. We seem to be hell bent on keeping this sport a backyard local event instead of working together to stage professional events from coast to coast.

HydroRacer Live Commentary

Every year it’s always the same thing with powerboat racing…to recover next year.. In 2014 it was hope for 2015. In 2015 it was hope for 2016. So already in the first few weeks of 2016 we are hearing let’s hope for 2017. The world has changed along with technology and other aspects of today’s lifestyle and sadly I just don’t see powerboat racing of any caliber rising back to the scale of what it use to be in its hay day. The sport while widely popular in its hay day is still one that the common man cannot relate to given the fact that boating on any scale was always thought to be only for the elite class of society and that stigma still plagues the sport today. With so many other sources of entertainment to choose from more centered around fun for the whole family and participation based, powerboat racing will continue to struggle for any type of relevance in today’s society.

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