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Flatbottom (runabout) Capsule Mandate Issue

As of 01–01–16 non-capsuled KRR, Pro Stock, and Super Stock boats are not allowed to race at APBA sanctioned events.

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Below are some of the points and ideas that must be completed before non-capsule boats are allowed to compete in APBA sanctioned events. This affects the Pro Stocks, Super Stocks, and KRR classes.

  1. Mandatory head & neck restraint system from a list of approved manufactures.
    2. Slow the boats down to a mutually agreed on speed by doing one or more of the following:
    a. Restrictor Plates
    b. RPM Limiter (ignition chips)
    c. Adding weight to the boats
    3. No new records will be allowed in KRR, PS or SS
    4. KRR, Pro Stock and Super Stock racing will be suspended at Parker, AZ
    5. IRC Flatbottom Committee will work on a new generation reinforced cockpit development and construction.

More information can be found here: APBA Inboard Racing http://on.fb.me/1PdS0G6

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