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Is the F1H2O Series truly a world championship series?

After reviewing the current 2016 Calendar how is this a world championship with the majority of races being held in China, Asia or the Middle East.

Ok granted the series has done more to attract European race sites and there are three races on the docket for Europe in 2016 this still leaves the majority of racing to take place the Middle East or China. One must ask themselves why is this? What does the promoter charge to bring his merry band of racers to a specific site and has he priced the product out of reach for the US market intentionally?

On the surface it appears that the series is in bed with the Middle East oil Tycoons and has some strong ties with the Pacific Rim.

So what is it that keeps the series from lading state side and always staying so close to Middle East and Asia. I would love to hear from the insiders of the series and get a glimpse of the inner workings of how these partnerships are formed.

2016 UIM F1H2O World Powerboat Championship

2/4 March — Dubai, UAE

3/5 June — (tba), Croatia

15/17 July — Evian, France

29/31 July — Porto, Portugal

2/4 September — Harbin, China

1/3 October — Liuzhou, China

14/16 October — Asia (tba)

4/6 November — Asia (tba

7/9 December — Abu Dhabi, UAE

14/16 December — Sharjah, UAE

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GP of China — Liuzhou Photo Credit Angelo Ferrario

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