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USF1 and S.P.O.R.T racing series sever ties with APBA go it alone in 2016

This is a very fluid story with not many details, we did verify that it is accurate before this posting.

Chris Fairchild gets some air during the Graham Trucking Seafair Cup race during Seafair 2015. Seafair, the traditional summer Seattle festival, brings hydroplane boats to Lake Washington and aircraft to the skies above for the weekend’s Boeing Air Show. Photo by JOSHUA TRUJILLO, SEATTLEPI.COM

As stated above in the story headline this information has been confirmed as we reached out to series officials before this posting. That being said there are very few details at this time that explain what lead to the decision so unfortunately we will have to dig a bit deeper since series officials are a bit tight lipped in the early stages of this development. As we dig a bit deeper we will report back once we have more information.

Below is part of our response to a poster from HydroRacer.Net regarding this topic.

As we all know staging an event is no small task but it’s also not rocket science which I think is the reason some series have chosen to go out on their own. Hard work yes but there are a lot of pretty smart folks involved with the many different categories and series who simply feel they can provide the expertise that’s needed to stage and event without the assistance of a national HQ. They are capable of purchasing their own insurance and securing their own sponsorship’s so there is really no need for a middle man which in many cases helps cut cost drastically.

Times have changed and the needs of each individual series have changed so onward and upward best of luck to all in the coming season.

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Photo credit Tracy Hawkins

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