Christopher Fabbro of Pensacola was named the 2016 Orange Cup Regatta overall winner

“Chris Fabbro in the black boat broke the record for csr by 8 seconds. Howie Nichols in the other Fabbro built boat would have broken the record also. The Fabro’s boats are getting faster and faster.”

Photo by Pete Boden

Via the Ledger

Christopher Fabbro of Pensacola was named the Orange Cup Regatta overall winner and set a record of 2:55.87 (61.408 mph) for the three-lap race in the C Stock Runabout, on Saturday.

Fabbro broke the old mark by 3 mph. The record was 58.530 mph, set by driver Kyle Lewis of Seattle on Sept. 21, 2013, at Yelm, Wash. His class did not run Sunday.

“The Yamamoto, 24-cubic inch engine powered boat, was built by Fabbro Racing in Pensacola. Fabbro had five starts Saturday with a two-round time of 6:13.69, which garnered him 800 points in the APBA overall standings.”

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