Go3 Racing is still in need of a sponsor for the 2016 season

“The reality is without those sponsorship dollars, we can not and will not race. It’s that simple. No money, no race.”

Photo credit Go3 racing

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Now that April 1st has passed, we’re back to the real world. We like to have fun, and April Fool’s day is our favorite day. 
For some, relax. Take a deep breath. It’s all good. It’s only boat racing.
The reality is we’re still where we’ve been since the beginning of the year. The search for a sponsor continues.
The reality is without those sponsorship dollars, we can not and will not race. It’s that simple. No money, no race.
Preparations continue for the upcoming season. As we’ve shown you, Ed is always busy with his Allison engines. The 3 we ran last year have been, for the most part, overhauled and readied for this season of racing.
Repairs and maintenance on the hull will begin in a few weeks as well. We sustained several bumps and bruises last year. But it’s just normal hard racing stuff that all teams encounter.
At this point, we don’t know how many races we’ll compete in this summer. We hope to make all 5 scheduled races, but it all depends on sponsorship. It could easily be less than the five this summer.
The reality is we still have one boat. It’s red. The image we posted is from Friday. No sponsor, so there’s time to get your business or product name on the side.

Photo credit Go3 Racing

Contact Rick@go3racing.com for sponsorship details. We’d love to partner with you and go racing in 2016. But, most of all HAVE FUN!

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