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Why have we not phased out the SST60 by now?

“The 60 h.p. in-line four-cylinder Mercury Formula 4 is the dominate engine in Class 1 competition at the grueling 24 Hours of Rouen endurance race but here state side the out of production OMC SST60 is still being run. “

European Formula 4 racing


The 60 h.p. in-line four-cylinder 60 EFI FormulaRace outboard expands Racing’s breadth of low-emissions 4-strokes; an offspring of the venerable Verado 350 SCi outboard. The two join Mercury Racing’s line of OptiMax “XS” series of low-emissions 2-stroke outboards.

European Formula 4 Racing

If folks could chime in here and help me understand the difference in these two motors and why we are still running the SST60 class here state side. Horsepower wise the Merc seems to have one or two more horses then the SST60 and clearly the new Merc is 4 stroke motor I understand that, but is there any logical reason that American series have not taken up this motor and made it the official motor of what we now know as the SST60 class. Is it that American series racing has not made the official change over to 4 stroke engines? Is it a cost issue? or issues with Mercury availability here state side? Hopefully the answer will not be that we here at HydroRacer Live have Rip Van Winkle syndrome and the issue was addressed and discussed years ago with a published outcome that we missed.

Please chime in and lets get the conversation started. *Disclaimer we are not gear heads here at HydroRacer Live. We are a collection of old retired racers, Web designers, racing enthusiast, pro photographers and crew members. We do have a few current racers as contributors to the site but none of them run the SST60 class. So perhaps the SST60 is a stronger motor? That being said we try to do our research before posting and simply cant find much information on the SST60 specs wise. We are able to pull the full specs on the Merc.

Formula 4 Moore Hull

The class is also very popular in Asia and can be seen on the UIM F1H2O tour throughout Europe the Middle East and Asia

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