Pleasant Prairie 2016 Pre-Race summary by Ray Rodda

The second round of the U.S. Title Series 2016 racing schedule comes up in just a little over two weeks as our speed merchants hit the water at beautiful Pleasant Prairie. This is a great place, just off the freeway, just north of the Illinois Wisconsin line. To all of our fans, it is free admission for the weekend with testing from 12 noon to 5PM, with racing both Saturday and Sunday for all Title Series Classes. Open camping with no amenities available.

At Lake Alfred, we had to make a few changes in the course for the weekend as the wind came up both days at the The Lake Alfred Lions Club Regatta, but it did not affect the drivers will to win, with as noted earlier MacKenzie Hellsten picked up where she left off with a perfect run through 2015 and the start of the 2016 season.

We had double winners at Lake Alfred with Amy Nydahl, her brother Kurtis, and Bob Cronin all scoring wins in their respective classes. The 250H and 350H races at Alfred were some of the most competitive heats that I have seen in a long time. Even with Amy and Kurtis taking the crowns, it was not easy for either one of them as the usual cadre of drivers, but with new boats for Pete Kelly and JP Jedwabny from Budd Gann, seemed to put an extra bounce into their respective steps that weekend. This along with a first time winner in 125R for Bradley Dygert, put a heck of a stamp on the first race of the year.
Don’t forget, registration is now open on line and do yourself and our crew a favor and pre-register and get yourself to water sooner that weekend. 
Just a quick note, to remind you that Brad Barth has a brand new Pugh 250–350H for sale. Beautiful boat that has never been in the water. Get ahold of Bill Kurps, Brad, or myself for more info.

Below you will find the points for the Lake Alfred Lions Club regatta for each of the finishers.

KPRO Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Mackenzie Hellsten 400
Brianna Payn 300
Rex Bayer 225
Lyndsay Mcgrath 169
Emily Hutchinson 127

125cc Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Bob Cronin 400
Jon Wienandt 300
Brandon Mills 225
Todd Anderson 169
Raymond Hammond 127
David Tenney 95

125cc Runabout
Driver Lake Alfred
Bradley Dygert 400
Andrew Thirlby 300
Brianna Payn 225

175cc Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Bob Cronin 400
David Tenney 300
Jon Wienandt 225
Kristy Shank 169
Raymond Hammond 127
Charley Bradley 95

250cc Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Amy Nydahl 400
Chris Hellsten 300
Peter Kelly 225
Jp Jedwabny 169
Marc Larose 127
Jake Quesse 95
Eric Schmidt 71
Kurtis Nydahl 53
250cc Runabout
Driver Lake Alfred
Richard Krier 400
Jay Walls, Jr 300
Paul Bosnich III 225
Derek Gesler 169

350cc Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Kurtis Nydahl 400
Gary Buskirk Jr 300
Ike Yoder 225
Amy Nydahl 169
Peter Kelly 127
Jon Eldredge 95
Jake Quesse 71
Paul Keller 53

350cc Runabout
Driver Lake Alfred
Tim Small 400
Brian Payn 300 
Richard Krier 225 
Paul Bosnich III 169 
Jay Walls, Jr 127

500cc Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Ike Yoder 400
Jim Wright 300
David Hooten 225

500cc Runabout
Driver Lake Alfred
Kurtis Nydahl 400
RC Hawie 300
Derek Gesler 225
Andrew Thirlby 169
Pete Voss 127
David Hooten 95

700cc Runabout
Driver Lake Alfred
Austin Vanover 400
RC Hawie 300
Andrew Thirlby 225
Pete Voss 169

1100cc Hydro
Driver Lake Alfred
Amy Nydahl 400
Ike Yoder 300
David Hooten 225
Jim Wright 169

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