Pleasant Prairie Friday Test Day 2016

The first day of the USTS Memorial Day Weekend race was our test day and all went well until late in the day, the weatherman thought he was going to get cute. The wind came up big time and the rain cam pouring down.

Photo Credit USTS

May 27th 2016 04:51 PM

By Ray Rodda

Testing was completed without further weather and everyone behaved themselves. We have a great turnout of boats, with 10 500’sr, 10–250H’s, and 8 capsules already checked in, so we should be approaching 80–90 entries for the weekend.
Our thanks to Pete, Kelly …and the whole NCM crew for the support for the logistics in putting this traveling circus together. Kelly put together a great looking program and I thank her for all of her work.

Thanks you guys

Photo credit USTS

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