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Pleasant Prairie Saturday results by Ray Rodda

I would not have given you a plug nickel for the USTS to get in a day of racing staring at the water this morning. White caps abound with wind gusts at 25MPH and steady winds at about 15–18MPH. We waited it out for a bit, change the course a bit, and lo and behold went racing.

Photo credit Amy Nydahl — Thankful for a Trombetta to get over all this rough water today! 350 was running strong.

May 28 2016 08:11 PM

91 entries strong this weekend, a strong crowd, and strong racing all day long took place here in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Our thanks to Pete and Kelly Nydahl for all the hard work in putting this together and for securing a great venue for dinner tonight at The Brat Stop, great food, great crowd and awards for our drivers.

Our thanks to Pete and Kelly for securing Boucher Ford of Kenosha, Koop’s Mustard right here in PP, and Action Marine for their help in putting on the USTS here at Lake Andrea.

Well as I said the water was a little rough at the start, but believe me when I tell you that Paulie Bosnich III took home the first two heats with great speed. He broke out front in both heats and was never headed. Tim Small you knew was not going to be denied a heat win and did so in the 3rd and final heat to remind everyone he was there.

JJ Walls

Next up the crazy 350H class with some real speed merchants ready to do battle. Gary Buskirk took the first heat and that set the stage for 850 points for the class. Kurtis Nydah, chased his Sister Amy in the second heat after both had jumped in the first heat. Kurtis was gaining, but needed one more turn or ½ lap to get to pass her, but she held him off. In the 3rd and final heat, Kurtis was not to be denied as he finished out front of Amy and Gary for the heat win.

Kurtis on time

Next up was the 600H and boy did David Hooten put the rest of the capsule drivers on notice that he is force to be reckoned with, taking the first two heats easily followed by Ike Yoder for 2nd and Doug Hall for third.
David running the second and third heats saw Doug Hall with some trouble and David took the second and Rick Saver showing great speed took the third heat with Ike in the third spot this time after two seconds.


After the break came K-Pro and were we in for some surprises there. Mackenzie Hellsten who ran the table in 2015, winning the USTS National’s and the Hi-Point Championships, and started another run at Lake Alfred, ran into Rex Bayer today. Rex who had finished 3rd at Lake Alfred, put on quite the driving exhibition as he won both of the K-Pro heats run today with great driving as he held of Mackenzie at every corner as Mac is a great driver, and used every trick she knew to get around him.

So as we head into tomorrow, it will be;

Next up were the 8 125H’s and the first heat was a doozy as everyone except Brandon Mills and David Jones jumped the gun with Brandon coming out on top. Ray Hammond can wonder what if, as he took the next two heats, with Jones close behind in both for 3 second place finishes and Brandon accumulating enough points along the way.

David Jones
Ray Hammond
Brandon Mills

Last class of the day were the 500R’s with 12 of them hitting the water and Derek Gesler latterly hitting it, as he barrel rolled in the bottom turn coming up for the start, but thank the good Lord he was okay. Tim Small in the GRM 2 cylinder had the horsepower needed out of that “thang” and showed the way in the first two heats with RC Hawie and Andrew Thirlby trading 2nd and 3rd to Tim.

My thanks to our drivers for their patience with us as we waited out the wind, but more so to a great crowd that stuck it out with us. Thank you to you both. What can you say when you have our President and pit boss, Todd Brinkman running the show in about 4 hours, even with a number of tow ins and the Gesler flip. His helpmate running up and down the beach, checking on drivers needs was Rick Jedwabny, not enough credit goes there, but here is to you Rick. Also my thanks to Bill Kurps, our ref and Denise Eldredge doing great work with her judges stand team.

See ya Monday morning for Sunday’s results.


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