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2016 Pleasant Prairie Sunday Results By Ray Rodda

The 2nd race of the USTS season came together quite nicely, even with the amount of wind and cold that accompanied it.
As stated earlier, we had a total of 91 entries with great fields in the classes. Our pit boss and President of the Title Series, Todd Brinkman had the group prepared and ready for the action on the water. Denise Eldredge and her cohorts were on top of it all day, and thanks are not enough for Pete and Kelly Nydahl for the effort they made in our behalf.

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May 30 11:39 AM

Sunday kicked off with Rex Bayer having already taken both heats on Saturday and you knew that Mackenzie Hellsten, Brianna Payn, Lyndsy McGrath, and Maxine Pulsipher were going to do battle to keep him from 4 for 4 and so they did. Brianna Payn who last year went over, was ready to do battle and took both heats, while Makenzie took second and Rex with enough points took a bath after scoring enough points for his first victory and Mark Stahl who was cheering like crazy from the beach, performed that task of Rex’s bath.

Can’t wait for the donnybrook at Depue for these young people.


Next up were the 125R’s

Brad Dygert won down at Lake Alfred and was ready to do battle with Jackson Hall who was not at Lake Alfred, along with Andrew Thirlby, Brianna Payn, and Lyndsy McGrath. Talking with Grandpa Tim Chance, he told me that Lyndsy took a ride earlier in the weekend in the 125 and decided that was all she wrote for going slow. Congrats Lyndsy.
Jackson set up his win with a heat win and two seconds and like a wily veteran that his Dad, Doug is and Grandpa Rex, he hung back at the start of the 3rd heat as Brad Dygert who had issues in the other two heats took a heat. Brianna Payn also took a

heat, as Jackson with 2 seconds and a win, takes it overall.
Andrew took the proverbial bath in the bottom turn of the first heat and put it away for the weekend, but was okay.
Next up were the wickedly fast 250H’s with 10 of them ready to do battle. Pete Kelly in that beautiful new Bud Gann built Euro design did battle with Kurtis and Amy Nydahl in the first heat only to find that brother and sister had jumped the gun for the heat win to Pete. Marc Larose driving a steady heat finished in the second spot.
The second heat found Pete winning again and Eric Schmidt who fought gremlins Saturday and Sunday, solved the problems and finished way out front, with Amy second and Pete, hanging back at the start as he had 800 points and speed to get through the field finished third to give him the overall win. Marc Larose and Jake Quesse put together a nice run for both to finish on the podium.


The big 700 Rocket Runabouts were up next and the 8 of them did not disappoint the crowd. These boats are very quick and a handful to the drivers and put on one heck of a show. Down at Lake Alfred, Austin Van Over put on a completely dominating win and was ready to repeat it at Pleasant Prairie. Andrew Thirlby was not ready to let that happen, even after taking a bath in the 125R earlier. Andrew and Austin, driving the Thirlby Automotive entries, lead the field up at the start and Austin began to pull the field as the laps unwound in the first heat, with Andrew having trouble and Derek Gesler in that brand new build and design of his trying to catch Austin to no avail. Also in the field for the first time with us in 700R was Joe Franck in a boat and motor that Derek had built and gave a good accounting of himself.
In the second heat, Andrew jumped out front with Austin and Derek continuing a battle for the 2nd spot and as the laps unwound, Austin began to pull Andrew and on the back stretch he pulled in front to keep his record intact for a perfect 4/4 heat wins this year. RC Hawie up from Lake Hamilton, Fl took the 3rd spot and parlayed that with a good finish in the 2nd heat to take a podium finish

RC Hawie

175H came up next with the mix master at work with the field of 8. Gun Jumping, engine issues all took their toll, but Baylee Burkland driving a very fast and stable race took the win. Jon Wienandt just could not get that engine from loading up, but when he did, he was very fast while heartbreak hotel visited Zach Larose who was very fast and was the point leader going into the last heat. Ray Hammond who had jumped the gun in the first heat, won the second and like Zach, ended up sitting on the course watching as Baylee took the win.


350R came up next with JJ Walls in the Brinkman entry ran off and hid in the first two heats, while Tim Small was having issues after dominating in the 500R in that powerful 2 cylinder Rossi on Saturday. In the 3rd heat JJ hung back and finished third as Brian Payn, the 2015 National Champ won the heat after a 2nd in the 2nd heat. He had trouble with the motor in the first heat and did not finish Paul Bosnich who had a terrific weekend, having won the 250R class Saturday, finished the 3rdheat with another second place to take a podium finish.


Our last class of the day were the big 1100H with 7 of them ready to do battle. David Hooten picke up where he left off after winning the 500H on Saturday as he took the first two heats with Amy Nydahl second. In the next heat David again broke out front and Amy broke on the backstretch with Mark Gryskiewicz picking up the second and Rick Saver taking third. Jim Kirts was in the mix all day as well as he took 2 3rd place finish to end up on the podium as well.
In the next heat Rick took a huge spin in the bottom corner and the heat was restarted after bringing in Rick and he was okay.
David and Mark put on a fantastic show in the 3rd heat as he and Mark were back and forth for the lead. In the end, David scored a perfect 1200 points to score both the capsule classes this weekend.

Jim Kirts
Jim Wright who underwent surgery earlier in the week was not with us, get well soon Jim. In addition Tom Adkins was not able to make it, and with Robby Galletta putting the ride together for Sean McKean, the Nationals should be quite a capsule show. Maybe a few more will join in the fun as well.

My thanks to Denise and her crew for the great job they always do, along with Big Pal, Paul Bosnich and his crew for taking good care of me, thanks Abbi!!!!
My thanks also the volunteers who are always there for teardown along with our turn judges for the whole weekend, along with our pull boat drivers.


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