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USTS 2016 Thunder at Lake Springfield -Friday evening summary by Ray Rodda

“Well you could not have asked for a more beautiful day then we had here in Springfield, Illinois today. However it looks like Mother Nature is rearing up her ugly head for Sunday”

Photo credit US Title Series — PRO Racing Series

July 1 2016

Therefore, we will run a complete Sat/Sun schedule tomorrow, as the forecast shows that beginning tomorrow night and into Sunday and Monday the rains will come and then some. They are expecting 4–6″ of rain and we cannot tear up the beautiful park we are located in on the shores of Lake Springfield. So fans tomorrow will get, even though their is free admission, more than their money’s worth with all classes running Saturday.

​This while disappointing, will give our long distance teams a leg up on getting home on Monday, so some blessings to be had. Will report on tomorrow’s race on Sunday afternoon, see ya then


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