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Day one ambiance photos from the 2016 F1H2O season finale at Sharjah

@samiselio Testing done and everything is ready and OK for tomorrow. #F1H2O

December 14, 2016-Free practice for the UIM F1 H2O Grand Prix of Sharjah. Photo by Vittorio Ubertone/Idea Marketing

UIM F1H2O World Championship. Grand Prix of Sharjah December 14–16–2016.Race Day Photos: Simon Palfrader

Bartek Maeszalek of Poland of Blaze Performance Team at UIM F1 H20 Powerboat Grand Prix of Sharjah. December 14–16, 2016. Photo by Vittorio Ubertone/Idea Marketing


F1H2O UIM World Championship http://bit.ly/,

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