Important new rules for drivers bringing a minor child to APBA events “ restricted areas”

Notification as respects to the off-site Minor Release Waiver authorization

This rule is for restricted areas

NOTE: If you are bringing a minor with you to a race and that minor is NOT YOUR
OWN CHILD ( not a grandchild) … go to the APBA website ( ) on the front page under Featured News … see NOTIFICATION AS RESPECTS TO THE OFF-SITE MINOR RELEASE WAIVER AUTHORIZATION. You must follow these instructions for completing a minor waiver. If not completed as stated the minor will not be allowed to enter the restricted area.

NOTE: If the event is located in the State of Florida … the Minor Waiver and Release must be …. WAIVER … Minor Insurance Florida Only Please go to the APBA website ( Go to the Resource Page . This waiver is located at the bottom of page 4. No other Minor Waiver will be accepted in the State of Florida. Please follow instructions as listed above. 

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