USTS 2017 Season opener set for Lake Alfred Florida April 21–23

Some old-timers still call them Alky boats, whatever you call them the alcohol burning rocket ships will be at Lake Alfred Florida, April 21–23 for the 2017 Season opener.

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Classes: Testing Friday 12 P.M. to 5 P.M.

Testing Saturday and Sunday to be announced

Racing Saturday for 250R,350H,500H,KPRO,125H,500R

Racing Sunday for KPRO, 125R, 250H, 700R, 175H, 350R, 1100H

Class schedule subject to change.


Olympic style medallian presented immediately after each day of racing

Show money to be mailed per USTS schedule

Number of heats run per USTS rules

Full sanction details can be found by using the link below:


View at

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