Even though the weather outlook is dim for Friday and Saturday that has not stopped the largest field of GP boats from around the country, making the trek to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Rain or shine we are on the eve of what’s sure to be an epic knockdown, drag out fight of GP hydroplane titans when the green flag drops.

The 107th Cambridge Classic roars into Cambridge, MD, May 13 and 14 with close to 75 boats expected. The Cambridge Power Boat Racing Association (CPBRA) is always working to ensure that race dates allow for the most number of racers and the most number of spectators, so the dates for this race have varied over the years. This year, the CPBRA is excited to have the Hydroplane Racing League from Canada participate. And hometown hero and club commodore Tom Thompson will also be in attendance, most likely racing in the Grand Prix Hydroplanes class.

GP-444 back on the circuit

After two years of rest, the GP-444 Grand Prix of Valleyfield is back. The tandem Ghislain Marcoux and Marc Théorêt will have several novelties to tame if he wishes to finish at the top of the classification.

Photo credit GP-Valleyfield 444

Below: Early arrivals in the pits at Cambridge

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