Boats in the water at Brodenbach Germany “Its race day”

The ADAC Motorboat Masters, the ADAC Motorboat Cup and the ADAC Jetboot Cup will compete their first season races on 20 and 21 May in Brodenbach (Mayen- Koblenz). For the third time since 2015, the catamarans of the UIM Formula 2 also have their guests, whose twelve pilots also provide an international flair. Exciting races and lots of action in the shadow of the 850-year-old “Ehrenburg” castle ruins make the first stage of the season an experience not only for the 73 pilots in the four race series. Also for thousands of spectators who line the banks of the Mosel year after year, the organizers offer a special program as well as autograph and interview possibilities with the stars of the scene.

Photo credit samiselio

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