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Pits open at Madison Indiana for the H1 season opener.

MADISON — Heavy rains, spawned by Tropical Storm Cindy, put Madison Regatta President Dan Cole on high alert.

Photo Brandon Storie

However, after a week of fine tuning, the annual boat race is right on schedule, starting today and running through Sunday.

The National Weather Service’s National Hydrologic Prediction Service said the river crested at 42-feet late last week, far too high to allow any form of racing on the Ohio River.

However, a dry spell has opened the door, and the event is set to run on schedule.

Ideally, the Ohio River depth should be at 18 feet to allow for enough room in the pit area for boats, trailers, cranes, trucks and other equipment. If the depth exceeds 26 feet, the race needs to be called.

Debris caused by Cindy now is the biggest concern, with race workers busy combing the area.

Cole also announced that the fleet of boats expected to race in the 2017 event now stands at 15.

A total of 54 major Unlimited races (excluding the free-for-all races) have been run at Madison since 1954.


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