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US Title Series Saturday at Lake Sprinfield by Ray Rodda

90 entries began to hit the water here at Lake Springfield in the 3rd round of the 2017 US Title Series today as we saw great racing from all classes, with the weather as beautiful as my wife.Sure hope she read that.Maybe she will let me go to the 4th round at Constantine on the 3rd weekend and to the greatest race course, fans and sponsors on the planet, The Depue Men’s Club.

Photo US Title Series — PRO Racing Series

the 3rd weekend and to the greatest race course, fans and sponsors on the planet, The Depue Men’s Club.
Our thanks go to Mayor Jim Langfelder for the great work at Bridgeview Beach Park on the shoreline to allow for greater access to the water for the race teams which have come literally from coast to coast with Tim Small on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, Pete Voss from Riverhead, out on Long Island about as far out into the Atlantic as you can go, Marc LaRose on the Gulf Coast of Florida, to Dwight Mahliot from Bremerton Washington.

Our first class up was 250R with a field of former National Champs all over the place.Rich Krier went out and won the first heat with JJ Walls finishing 2nd and Paulie Bosnich finishing 3rd.Tim Small came off the course with trouble and that cost him as he then won the third heat, but JJ was consistent, took the 2nd heat win and the win over all, as Rich finished 4th in the 2nd heat, and then jumped the gun in the 3rd heat, knowing he had to win the heat to get a chance for the win.
JJ Walls
Tim Small
Rich Krier

Next up the 350H was all about Nydahl, Amy won the first two heats, but Kurt wanted to put his stamp on the 3rd heat, got a great start and was never headed from there.Amy won the first two heats with ease and just is so much fun to watch and for me to call a race she is in.She is so fast and when you see her corner there is no daylight between the two handles of the throttle.Gary Buskirk has been ill for a few weeks and drove in pain, but was consistent and finished on the podium.

500H started off with a bang, literally with a bang, as during the one minute gun period when the drivers can start to cut though the infield, Dan Kirts and David Hooten tried to share the same spot on the water and collided, neither driver injured, but can’t say the same for the boats.David’s boat was taking on water and David jumped into the water to try to keep it afloat and the crews were able to keep it fromu going to the bottom.
After that it was 2 heat wins for Doug Hall, but in the 2nd heat he took some water and the engine died on the backstretch and was unable to finish.Ike Yoder and Jake Hoffert were all about finishing all 3 heats and did so, with Ike taking the overall win, Doug with his 2 heat wins enough points for the 2nd spot and Jake 3rd.

Next up were the K-Pro’s with Rex Bayer stealing a start but Mackenzie driving a stead race caught him on the end of front straightaway and got enough in front to slam the door on Rex and went on to win.A turn like a real pro that she is and she won on that move.In the next heat Brady Brinkman was not to be denied and he went to the front and was never headed and took the heat with Mack finishing 2ndAt the end of these two heats.

Next up was the 125H with a good field chasing David Tenny in the first two heats with clear victories in both.Pete Kelly was chasing David in both for two 2nds and Brad Dygert finishing 3rd.Brad could only think what if, he stuck a piston in the 2nd heat, but went out and won the 3rd heat as David knew he could not jump the gun and win, held back as he should have to make the start and worked his way to follow Brad for a 2nd and the win over all.Brad doing a very good job as he begins his Title Series racing career finished 2nd with Ray Hammond the steady Eddie of 125H, always there, and wins as well, finished 3rd overall.
The last class of the day just literally tore up the water with 11 of them hitting theAndre water and hit it and hit it, making the course somewhat of an ocean out there.Tim Small driving the B&B Todd Brinkman entry using the GRM 2 cylinder went out and won two heats, finished 2nd to Andrew Thirlby in the 3rd heat for the win overall.Tom Kirts driving a great race once again finished on the podium as well to cap a great run. Although a couple of times that laydown runabout kited going down the backstretch and in talking to Tom later he told me that one of the times he thought for sure he was going over and when it came down you could hear the boat smack down on the water.YIKES.


A great day of racing that was a 3 and 45 minute program for our fans, under sunny skies, cool temps, and low humidity which made for a very comfortable day.My thanks to Sue Sailer and Denise Eldridge and their crew, they make it happen and on time, and Rick Jedwabny, watching for issues when drivers may need a little time and of course our Pit Boss and President of the Title Series Todd Brinkman, great show and the fans stayed all day.


Photos US Title Series — PRO Racing Series

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