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USTS Speed Week Nationals by Bill Kurps

As the US Title Series enters into the final half of the 2017 Race Season, the ladies are showing their game faces. Amy Nydahl and Mackenzie Hellsten are kicking butt! 
Amy leads in three of the Title Series fiercest contested big boy’s Hydro classes namely 250cc, 350cc, and 1100cc. Amy is the one to beat.

Photo credit USTS

Mackenzie Hellsten is no sloth either, having won First Place in KPRO for all of the USTS 2017 season races. 
This coming weekend the Series starts Speed Week with Constantine, Mi for the 4th round.

Close Class Title Races to watch: 
Rich Krier and Jay Walls Jr are tied in points in 350cc Runabout.
125cc Roundabout — 33 points separates leader Paul Bosnich III from 2nd place Brianna Payn, another of our racing ladies. 
50 points separates High-Point leader David Tenney in 125cc Hydro from 2nd place Ray Hammond.

Another close on points is the 250cc Hydro class with Amy Nydahl narrowly ahead of Eric Schmidt by 75 points. 
Team Thirlby seems to have the 700c Runabout Title clearly in hand only to decide which of their drivers Austin Vanover or Andrew Thirlby are going to take home the Title.

With three 2nd place finishes rookie Brady Brinkman is firmly in second place behind Mackenzie Helllsten in KPRO.
175cc Hydro, Ray Hammond has a strong lead over 2nd place David Tenney.
Tim Small leads in two Runabout classes, in 250cc Tim has 273 points over Jay Walls, and in 500cc a sizeable lead over Tom Kirts.
Jake Hofpert has finished every race he has enters in his Capsule Hydro and currently is 2nd in both 500cc and 1100cc.

Dan Kirts continues the lead in 500cc Hydro, and Amy Nydahl has an outstanding lead driving the black colored 1100cc Capsule Hydro of Team Thirlby.

The following weekend the US Title Series travels to DePue, IL for the Lake DePue National Championship Boat Races, scheduled for July 26–30.
Plan this week to watch the Series race, better yet plan to race with us next season, see if you’re good enough to beat our ladies!

Check the Series out at http://www.ustitleseries.net/competition

Photo credit USTS

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