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USTS Results for Saturday at Constantine by Ray Rodda

80 entries joined the start of Speed-week’s here in Constantine, Mi as we start here and end up at Lake Depue with the Depue Men’s Club-USTS Nationals next weekend.

Photo credit USTS Braxton Miller stopped by on his way to Grass Lake to run the Race for the Kids 175H entry.

The stay started out a little wet, but improved dramatically as the day wore on with the Sun and a nice breeze making their entrance and finishing out a beautiful day for racing.The best part, no one hit the water, but we did have a couple of red flags for boats in the wrong spots to be able to continue, nonetheless everybody was safe today.

Our first class up were our youngsters in K-Pro with Mackenzie Hellsten and Brady Brinkman trading heat wins in the first two heats for them, each finishing second to the other.So tied up on points they are as we head to the last two heat tomorrow.Rex Bayer finished 3rdand Cooper Thompson, ever improving each race, finished 4th.

125R came up next as Brad Dygert picked up where he won two of the heats and finished another paddling himself across the finish line for a 3rd and the win.His engine quit about 30 feet from the finish line while out front as Paulie Bosnich and Brianna Payn were able to cross before Brad finished.

Next up the wicked fast and fast becoming one of the most competitive as Chris Hellsten finished out front in the first two heats and then holding back from jumping the gun and starting in about 5th or 6th position at the start, but with great skill driving and speed, he passed everyone except Pete Kelly for a second place finish.The win in that heat helped Pete to the second place podium finish as Jake Quesse who had jumped the gun in the first heat, fought back for a 3rd overall.

Next up was the big 700R and Andrew Thirlby with the Thirlby Automotive M-44 entry ran off a two heat win over all over his teammate Austin VanOver finishing 2nd overall with the venerable Pete Voss capping a good run with a podium 3rd place finish.

The 175H race was Brad, Brad, Brad, as Brad Dygert finished out front in all three heats and capped a day in which he won the 125R title and added the 175H to go with it, great day for him.David Tenney reeled off 2 seconds and a 4th to finish 2nd overall, while Brandon Mills, if at wheels on it, he drove them off as he got a start loaded up, but cleared it and ran everyone down except Tenny and Dygert to earn enough points to finish 3rd overall.


Mike Krier showed everyone he they are going to have to get passed him at Depue to take home the 350R title next week.He won the first two heats and then holding back at the start to not jump the gun, he worked his way up to second as Tim Small put his stamp on the 3rd heat with a win, to go with 2 seconds, while JJ Walls finished 3rd in each heat for the podium

1100H was really dominated by Amy Nydahl with wins in the first two heats and a second as she too hung back to keep away from Gun Jumping as Ike Yoder took the 3rd heat win.Jim Kirts joined in the fray with a 3rd place finish overall

We do it all over again tomorrow, see you then.


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