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HRL Breaking News “Mario Blain hangs up his helmet”

Photo credit Dustin Holt Star Democrat http://bit.ly/2qItWX9

Photo Above: Powerboat racer Mario Blain takes a wild ride at more than 100 miles per hour, flipping several times in his GP 757 on the Choptank River at the 107th Cambridge Classic Power Boat Regatta in Cambridge, Md., Sunday, May 14. Other than some bumps and bruises, Blain was uninjured in the crash. Safety crews were immediately on the scene to help Blain. Photos by Dorchester Star Editor Dustin Holt.

Mario Blain added on October 14 at 9:58am

Your GP 757 Canada boy won’t be back in 2018!!!!!!!!

Very difficult decision this morning to announce this news!!!!

After several weeks of reflections, the team agreed that it would be preferable to withdraw from the series.

After the accident in Cambridge at the beginning of the year, my physical condition never regained 100 %, back pain persists!! and confidence a little fragile too!!!

I think my whole team and I have been very professional during these 2 years, after 24 years of absence we have completed all our races without ever being towed!!!

Sixth at the GP championship in 2016!!!

Almost fifth in 2017!!!!

No worse for a little old team.

I personally would like to thank my team. Directed by my little cousin Robin Demers with the family auclair, Claude, Denis, Normand, David, Isabelle, Paul pigeon and all other people who participated in the success of this return!!!!
Special thanks to Serge Blanchette for the design of these 2 engines and for these precious tips!!!

Thank you to the people of hrl, to all volunteers!!!

Thank you to all the other owners, partners, and especially all the other drivers for hosting us and giving you the chance to compétitionner with you!!!!!

A big thank you to all our sponsors. We have tried to give you an exemplary visual!!!

And the biggest thank you to the fans who followed us during these 2 YEARS!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you

All the team of GP 757 Canada boy wishes you a great day.

Please share thanks.

MOTORBOATING. Two years after returning to competition after a 25-year break, Mario Blain hangs his helmet again.

The McMasterville pilot reported Saturday morning via his Facebook account that he will not be back in command of Canada Boy GP-757 in 2018. “After several weeks of reflection, the team agreed that it would be better to withdraw from the HRL series, “said Mario Blain.

In a written communication with the “Journal Saint-François”, the new pensioner was to add: “The decision was not easy to make. We put a lot of energy into this adventure. I would have liked to finish in 2018 by saying goodbye to each of the events but I did not have a good “feeling”. I was afraid that bad luck would happen to us. “

Originally published at hydroracerlive.kinja.com on October 17, 2017.

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