1 week now until the 47th Powerboat Records Week gets underway at Coniston

Coniston Power Boat Records Week is the only event in the Powerboat Racing Calendar to bring together all classes of boat. Entry is open to all from tiny hydroplanes, through inshore circuit racers to the largest offshore boats. It is the finale to the racing season. Competitors and officials from all over the country assemble annually for what has been a popular event since it’s inception in 1970.

For almost a hundred years Powerboat record attempts have been made on several of the English lakes including Ullswater, Windermere and Coniston Water.

The most famous drivers have been Sir Henry Segrave, Sir Malcolm Campbell and Donald Campbell. Norman Buckley, was instrumental in the inauguration of Records Week and together with The Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club, had various courses on Windermere surveyed. In the mid 1990’s One, Two and Three Hour Records were attempted during the annual Enduro, which took place at the end of Records Week.

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