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Competition and Boat Classes

Our History

The US Title Series, founded in 1982, is recognized as the premier PRO outboard racing series in the United States. The United States Title Series’ guiding vision is to establish a class of outboard racing competitions between the best Professional Outboard Racing teams that boat racing has to offer; promote the sport of powerboat racing by using any and all means available; and develop a series of outboard racing competitions across the country, putting the sport on a national level as any other professional sport.

The Program

The Title Series is a great addition to city events and celebrations, as well as a stand-alone event. Our USTS National Championships draws over 50,000 spectators each year. A US Title Series event consists of a 2–3 day program generally with testing and practice laps on Friday and PRO racing on Saturday and Sunday. The racing program averages a 3–4 hour time frame each day. The US Title Series staff and participants are committed to providing a professionally organized, exciting, and entertaining racing event for your area. Along with the long-running series and national events, the USTS has conducted several World Championship events held in the United States, a testament to the quality of our program.


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