Power Structure and Organizational Identity — By Ryan Runne

As we hash out yet again the ins and outs of class matters. I think we need to figure out why we can never get anything done. I believe that in large part this is due to the bottom to top flow of power within APBA. By this I mean that, basically, the masses are usually split on big change.

Therefore the commissioners are hesitant to make and hard decisions. The BOD offers no leadership, vision or direction. They cowtow to the ever-changing whims of the commission. And this even goes beyond, where APBA refuses to align itself at all with UIM. Leading us to a state where Americans have virtually no presence on the worldwide outboard racing stage. A fact that I find embarrassing and I think should hit all of our pride a bit. And to where racing in America is disorganized and scattered and largely a cult sport.

As we stagnate in the quagmire of internal disintegration, maybe it is time to ask our leadership to take the reigns a bit. I am not suggesting that we upturn the way we do things. Checks in the process are important but so is a balance in power. I think that APBA’s higher leadership needs a vision for the organization as a whole and to identify the role of each category within the organization. They then need to as the commissioners to do the same for the classes within the categories. By looking at simple things like speed, weight, age range, availability of equipment, and other factors it becomes easy to see where we have overlap. (For instance: BMH, 25MH, CMH, DSH, 125CCH AND 175CCH all run in the 75–85 range.) With vision and guidance from the top it will be easier for the commissions to come together to make universally beneficial change. ALL OUTBOARDERS MUST STICK TOGETHER!!!!!!! Our unified success relies on our having a universally appealing product. Personally, I think we could shave our entire Stock/Mod/J/PRO spectrum to under 2 dozen classes without sending anyone’s equipment down the pike. But that kind of change is impossible unless we change the way we change.

Photo West Virginia State Water Festival Power Boat Races

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Originally published at hydroracerlive.kinja.com on November 25, 2017.

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