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First he was out, now he’s back in.

Originally Sami had posted to Instagram that he would follow doctors orders and sit out the season finale underway now at Sharjah

4 Days ago @samiselio Shit happens…. But I am alive and quite OK… what a ”luck” I have? And what a disappointment it’s for me that he doctors don’t let me race so this season is over for me…. I don’t like it and we always want to fight to the end… but sometimes is better to listen and trust the doctors

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Dec. 13, 2017 Press Release — release free immediately

Well, that’s the start of the f1 boat finals.

The mi of the double world champion of the f1 boats did not end in Abu Dhabi, but as planned on Friday to the sharjah competition. Last Friday, the accident in Abu Dhabi was well-served by the doctor who gave the Finnish driver permission to participate in the season’s final decision.
In the case of mad-Croc Baba Racing, it is going to be part of the final part of the 2017 final part of the 2017 decision on the united Arab Emirates. The Finnish driver’s involvement was confirmed today when the f1 doctor showed a green light and an explanation of the mad-Croc Baba racing was able to build a boat in time for Abu Dhabi in time.
It says that he himself has always known that he can drive and compete fully.
The others have speculated on my condition. I’m in good shape. There’s nothing wrong with my eye. No swelling, no inflammation. I see it as well as ever. And, of course, I knew once again that my injured eye is not even my game eye, and that was a said in the sharjah pit.
The only question mark was whether we could get my boat down in time for Abu Dhabi in time to drive. My team did a great job, and the boat was finished in time. I was already able to test it today at extra free practice, and everything was fine. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
In spite of the crashes caused by competitors, the Finnish driver is still on the fourth point in the world. In Abu Dhabi, the French, Cedric Dega, got a ban on the competion and he was not seen in the EU.
There’s still a little theoretical possibility for mm-Bronze, but I don’t think about the medal, but I don’t think about the medal. On Friday, we’re going to have to go as high as possible.

Also is also applying for a good decision for the period

In the last week of Abu Dhabi’s EU, Philip Rom is seeking a good decision in the EU for the period 2017. To 2017. in the Finnish driver’s calculations, a good result will be the location of the six fastest.
The first objective is to rise to the q2 section of the time drive and to the highest possible place. If you want to join the six, the place of departure is important. We have to reach eight fastest in time.
I was able to test my boat today at extra free practice and everything’s fine. Today, it was hard on the road track and if the direction of the wind will remain the same tomorrow, I will go to the rear buoy of the track and to a very large number of problems.
The starting points of the f1 season will be resolved tomorrow on Thursday in time-time, which will be run in sharjah at 13.30 p.m. Finnish time. The World Championship of the season starts on Friday at 14.00 p.m. Finland. Competition can be seen as live and free from free internet television service. Via Free works on a browser and mobile (Apple and android) and fourth generation apple TV:ssä.

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