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What can powerboat racing do to attract a stronger youth driver base in the larger classes

This weekend saw the opening rounds of NHRA, ARCA and NASCAR where there is definitely a youth movement afoot. NASCAR is looking at an extremely young field while NHRA and ACRA also have a very strong field of young women and men starting to enter the ranks. Despite what many old farts might post on social media stating young people would rather play on their smartphones etc, it would appear that the old myth is quickly being debunked as a strong field of teenagers is entering the world of professional Motorsports across all series. So what excuse will powerboat racing enthusiast use now?


Hailie Deegan Just Turned 16, and She Can Already Drive Better Than You

Hailie Deegan, now 16, has long deflated egos in the male-dominated racing world. In this particular instance, she’s referring to when she leveled up to driving modified karts back in 2014, becoming the first female driver to podium and, later, win a race — all during her first season in the division. “Next thing you know, I’m the one to beat,” she adds matter-of-factly.

Deegan is preparing to level up yet again, this time to stock car racing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series. On Sunday, when she makes her series debut at Florida’s New Smyrna Speedway, she’ll be the only female driver competing in a field of 29.

Michael Self 27 Years old from Concord, North Carolina (January 08, 2018) — Veteran driver Michael Self, with returning sponsorship from Sinclair Oil Corporation, has officially announced a partnership with…

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