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US Drivers back on shore safe after completing the grueling 2018 Guayaquil-Vinces regatta

The results are in! via the US A-Team Boat Racing Facebook Page
Regatta Guayaquil-Vinces 2018 
Ruben Guerrero: 1st place
Dustin Pearson: 3rd place
Cesar Patiño: 4th place
Mike Akerstrom: 22nd place
Eric Weinczak: DNF

Photo credit Xavier Salazar — YouTube — YouTube http://bit.ly/2G3qkX8

Photo credit Xavier Salazar — YouTube — YouTube http://bit.ly/2G3qkX8

Photo Credit U.S. A-Team Boat Racing (@usa.teamracing) • Instagram photos and videos http://bit.ly/2G7GRcE

Mike Akerstrom Tells HydroRacer Live Dustin Pearson had a great race, he finished third. I was plagued by electrical problems early on and couldn’t go much faster than 45mph, but still finished 22nd. Eric Weinczak took on a lot of water at the start, couldn’t get on plane, and had to turn around to drain the boat out. Then later on he hit something and broke his tie down rope. He spun out and couldn’t finish the race

Outstanding job guys, you’ve done us all proud back here stateside, enjoy the rest of the trip and safe travels back home.

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