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Jack Lupton unveils the Miss New Zealand GP57

Not quite finished! But here’s your Miss New Zealand GP57 to compete in Canada!

THE KIWIS ARE COMING! THE KIWIS ARE COMING! You read it here first. This year for the 80th Valleyfield Regatta it will truly be an International one. Warrick and Jack Lupton will be racing their “MISS NEW ZEALAND” Henderson Grand Prix hydroplane in all of the HRL series race events for the 2018 season. Jack and his dad Warrick will be traveling all the way from Waverly, New Zealand some 8000 plus miles from Valleyfield, Quebec. HRL has partnered with the Lupton’s and Joe Sovie and they’ll be running the former GP-48 hull. Joe and his dad Cal will maintain the GP throughout the summer and when the Lupton’s can’t make a match ( New Zealand slang) Joe will drive it. Truly two great father and son teams working together, working to maybe win the HRL Championship. For those of you that haven’t followed “down under” GP racing the Lupton’s hold many records and have also won many championships and race event cups over the years. They’ve been really busy this winter ( Their summer ) building a couple of HRL legal motors to run our series. When the HRL has an open house in the Valleyfield pits the Thursday before the race weekend this International team invites everyone over to their boat to say hello to all their new “mates”. And all of us GP owners, drivers, and crew members wish this new team all the success in the world in their newest endeavor! Take care everyone,


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