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Madison fans celebrate while Detroit gets cut and throws H1 the finger

As the Gold Cup saga continues to make the rounds on social media for a second week it appears that fans have mixed emotions as one city revels in the announcement of a Gold Cup race other life long fans are left with no H1 race at all.

U-27 WIGGINS H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Driver Cal Phipps

One city cut from 2019 hydro race schedule

It looks like the H1 Unlimited hydroplane schedule is dropping back down from six to five stops for the 2019 season.

After negotiations that began in December between H1 Unlimited and Detroit Riverfront Events Inc. became contentious and broke down, H1 decided last week to not sanction a race for the 2019 season on the Detroit River.

Detroit’s group, I believe, wanted a minimum boat guarantee from H1 for what was supposed to be the APBA Gold Cup, where Detroit has been the traditional home of the event.

That’s understandable.


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