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Don’t worry Detroit Fans you are in for a real treat

Yes, it’s true there will still be boat racing in Detroit this summer and in our opinion, Detroit fans are in for a real treat. We fully understand that change is never easy and the loss of H1 boats will in many ways signal the end of powerboat racing in Detroit. Fret not, the folks at HRL are highly professional and will not disappoint. The video clip below should put everyone’s mind at ease.

Detroit organizers wanted a commitment for a minimum number of boats, and the H1 officials couldn’t agree to that.

“So we finally just reached an impasse,” said Bruce Madej, who works with Detroit race officials. “We believe that it was not the type of show that we wanted to put on. We want to make sure that we had a number of boats and competitive boats, and put on a show that would be good for our fans and our sponsor.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the type of answer that we needed.”

Since 1980, Detroit has hosted the Gold Cup race 30 times, including every year from 1990 through 2014, and most recently in 2018.

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