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The S w e d i s h G r a n d P r i x at Saxviken Mora set for this weekend

The following Championships will be on the line

UIM OSY400 Hydroplane World Championship

UIM Formula 500 World Championship

UIM Formula 250 World Championship

UIM GT15 Swedish Championship

UIM GT30 Swedish Championship

Welcome to Mora — Sweden and the world championship 26–27 (28) July.

Be here when Osy400, formula 500 and formula 250 gathers to take on the medals in a world-class championship.
Stay with us in the beautiful town Mora, the heart of Dalarna — Sweden and join the three-days competitions. There´s gonna be a lot of excitement and lovely folk party every day.

Photo Credit David Recht

Date & Place

2.1. 26–27 July 2019.

28 July is a reserve day if the weather on Friday or Saturday is bad.

2.2. Saxviken Mora Strandgatan 19 GPS: 61.004232, 14.542006 alternatively 61°00’15.2″N 14°32’31.2″E 3. Participation in all classes in this race.

3.1. Competitors will be admitted to the race only after providing the following documents:

Official letter of Start Approval from their National Authority (F500, F250 and OSY400) Entry form stamped & endorsed by their National Authority (F500, F250 and OSY400) Measurement Certificate (F500, F250, OSY400, GT15 and GT30) Current International License (F500, F250 and OSY400) Current National License (GT15, GT30 and Classic)

Note: Original documents must be presented to the Race Secretary.

3.2. Minimum Age for participation: 16 years for international classes. National classes

GT15: 10 years and GT30: 14 years. 3.3. All participants in boats without reinforced cockpits. These competitors should take note that UIM Rule 205.11 — CLOTHING PROTECTION will apply.


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