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Labor Day Regatta in danger of extinction Jaycees looking for young recruits

LOCK HAVEN — The Jaycees Labor Day Regatta

The regatta earned the recognition of being the largest boat race in the United States last year, according to DuWayne Kunes, who has been a member of the Jaycees for 33 years.

Update: 8/4/2019 Read below

“That’s a great honor,” Kunes said. But he also said the Jaycees are having a problem getting new members and active members to help with the three-day event.

“It is a huge, huge event with a big impact on the area. A lot of man-hours are needed to make it happen … it’s a never-ending battle with fewer Jaycees each year,” Kunes said.

Read the full story here: Jaycees looking for young recruits | News, Sports, Jobs — The Express http://bit.ly/2OFHcJ0

“We really need people to step up and join so the Boat Regatta doesn’t die… and there is a real possibility of that over the next couple of years,” Kunes said. “I’ll see it through to 50. I’ll be 61 this year, I can’t keep up. I just can’t do it. We are in jeopardy of losing our two senior dinners and we help families at Christmas time. We try to use the resources that we have. There is talk about the chapter being pulled. All the stuff that we do would come to an end.”

Update: 8/4/2019

From the race chairperson: I felt bringing this to the local medium will help with recruiting new members. As far as the race for this year, it’s on and we are already looking ahead to the 50th in 2020. I will not walk away from Labor Day and plan on being around to help train the next generation of Jaycees so the event can still be held well into the future. I knew doing this would setup shock waves about the event. That was a big part of the reason I did it.

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