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Brandon Kennedy shares his thoughts after a scary Jersey Skiff nose dive at Tonawanda

Via bkracing25 on Instagram

What a ride for @mason.mcclure.25 and I. We were running well and felt pretty good up until we went up and when we came down it was nothing but water. I felt we were upside down and our training taught us not to panic.

Via Brandon Kennedy

Well, this one was wild! Glad Mason and I were okay. It was tough to jump out of the ambulance but to go win in 350 was a nice recovery and had a good shot at GP but the Niagra bit me again in the first turn. More to come!

Our @simpsonraceproducts belts did their job although Mason got a little hung up we were able to get out quickly. One amazing part was our @cardoscalarider communications worked the whole time. Even underwater both of us could hear the calming voice of my mom telling us to get out. Once we came to the surface i was able to talk to Mason and make sure he was okay. The Niagara Dive team did a great job in a crazy situation and also an amazing job recovering the boat. I also have to say our necks are not to sore due to having lightweight helmets. Mason had a @simpsonraceproducts Carbon Ventor and I was wearing a @stilo_official St4. To top all this off watching your boat gets destroyed is really hard but it was nice to see the hood I made with @compositeenvisions Carbon Fiber held up to the massive hit. I am still a little sore but will be all good. I feel gutted for my parents and Ron & Sandy Thompson. We really loved the nostalgia of this boat and it was coming around to be a great boat for us. We will take a step back and assess what can be done with this boat and hopefully be back out there in the skiff class someday!


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