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Seven teams from Grand Prix World Hydroplanes will be on hand for Hydros for Heroes this weekend…

Heading the field will be series points leader, GP 15, Hopp Racing driven by Gregg Hopp, 2nd place boat in high points Blown Income Racing driven by Ed Preston will answer the call as well as 3rd place High Points boat GP18 and Kevin Eacret.

Photo credit Grand Prix World Supercharged Hydroplanes

Via Grand Prix World Supercharged Hydroplanes Racing will take place on Saturday and Sunday with a race winner crowned each day.

Other teams entered include GP 3, Grant Racing and Christ Grant, GP12, Schellhase Racing with Jerry Hopp, GP19 Eckenberg racing, David Warren, GP and GP 74, Hall/Brown Racing with Jimmy Maulden.

A complete list of the teams with sponsors will follow as will information about GPW Live Streaming of the event.

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