APBA Category Chair Results

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Oct 30, 2019

Results for the Category Chair elections were as follows:

STOCK — Jeff Brewster (jeff_brewster_59s@yahoo.com)

MOD — Mark Wheeler (mark.wheeler@wmich.edu)

PRO — Kristi Ellison (parroth222@aol.com)

OPC — Bill Gohr (billgohr@aol.com)

INBOARD — Dutch Squires (megabucks83@comcast.net)

Please contact apbahq@apba.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Cover photo by Michael Huebner Boat racing action from the APBA ‘Shake the Lake’ event held on Miller’s Bay in Oshkosh, WI during the weekend of 8/31, 9/1.

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