Never before seen photos of Stock Outboard racers heaven

Photo credit: @dynamite_boatrace_japan • Instagram photos and videos 

Via dynamite_boatrace_japan

Engines. Lots of engines. There are 1,600 engines in use across the 24 Boat Race stadiums across Japan. Introduced in December 2014 and weighing in at 41.5 kg / 91.49 lbs, the Yamato 331 is a 2 cylinder, 396.9 CC stock outboard motor delivering 32 HP at 6,600rpm. They would be classified as C Stock Hydro in the USA. The power output has grown from 325 CC / 15 HP at 5,500 rpm in 1953 (the Yamato Y-1) through various generations to where they are today. More on that evolution in the next few weeks. All hand-assembled and finished at the Yamato Motor Company


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