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Breaking: Get those Marathon runabouts ready, Top O’ 2020 is a go!


“An under the radar sport. But Top O Michigan Outboard race, is considered the toughest race in the world”

Via Top O’ Michigan Outboard Racing Club

June 10th, 2020

To all of our racers, fans, supporters, and community!!

Top O’ 2020 IS A GO!

We’ve had a few boxes to check the past couple weeks and we can confidently say after today, we’ve checked those boxes and August 8th and 9th are looking GOOD!

Here’s how the race will look for 2020 as of TODAY:

We, as a club, will be complying with all Executive Government Orders that are in effect on August 7th, 8th, and 9th. We do expect the current orders to evolve and change. We will evolve and change with them as needed.

The current Executive Order (2020-115) says sports gatherings that are outdoors can gather up to 500 people. This is our current status and what we will be operating under unless it changes.

With this current limitation, we will not be allowing spectators/fans in the pit area. The pit area is defined as DeVoe Beach.

We will ask racers and their pit crews to social distance to the best of their abilities.

There will be bulk sanitizer stations if racers and crews cannot bring their own personal sanitizer.

We will post signs to encourage social distancing.

We will clean and sanitize bathrooms/outhouses and keep them squeaky clean per executive order guidelines.

We are printing a reduced magazine that will be handed out to local businesses. We are still having shirts but not printing as many.

We are THRILLED about being able to plan for Top O’ 2020. Our hearts are breaking that we can’t have spectators in the pits. We know that will make some of you upset and we understand why. A lot of you don’t know the feeling of finally finishing a 40+ mile race, coming across the finishing line, and then seeing 500+ people cheering for you as you are dog tired. There really is no better feeling – it’s an adrenaline rush like no other. We don’t give that up easily.

But, if we had to decide to either have a race versus have no spectators in the pits…… I think you can understand why we made that choice.

We can’t wait to battle it out again for the 72nd Toughest Outboard Marathon! If anyone has any concerns or questions, you can message us directly or email tomorc.race@gmail.com.

See you in August!!

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