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APBA SORC lays out a new set of resolutions for the 2020 season in light of Covid-19 restrictions

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Via Jeff Brewster

As of last evening, the following resolutions have been passed by a majority of the Stock Outboard Racing Commission and by the APBA Board of Directors for the 2020 season in the Stock Outboard category.
1) There will be no National High Point Champions.
2) There will be no (competition) records set.
3) There will be no Hall of Champions Inductees.
4) The Marathon National Championships will be permitted to crown champions in Indian River, Michigan.
5) There will be no national awards given for the category. (Waldman, Menzies, Rookie, Dawe & Dewald)
6) The 2020 & 2021 racing seasons will not be combined.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Brewster

Stock Outboard Chairman

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