Breaking: Introducing Strømøy Racing F1H2O Team


Via Marit Strømøy

The timing is crazy, the project is huge, but it’s time to take the next step! After many years of racing in F1 for different teams, Andrea Colombo and I are now ready to announce Strømøy Racing F1H2O Team. Do you wanna support us? Are you curious?  Click the link to help

English Translation:

Let’s mobilize to get the first Norway team with the only female racer in F1.
Marit Strømøy is the world’s only female Formula 1 driver. She has made history by being the first woman in the world to have a won and World Cup round in an international top class in motorsport. In 2019, she finished third in the World Championship and was awarded Athlete of the Year by the International Powerboat Association, UIM. After 12 years in Formula 1 where she has driven for different teams, it is time to step up and make our own team. Strømøy Racing F1H2O Team will be Norway’s first team in the professional WC circus. The team will fight at the top of F1 against teams from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, China, and other. Marit Strømøy has proven that she can fight against resourceful drivers and teams before. The goal is the World Championship title. With their own team license, Strømøy Racing will take a huge step both in marketing and in the sport. The train is about to the station. Jump on and join us. It will be a lot of fun !!


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