This coming weekend is shaping up to be the biggest of 2020


With all the cancelations and current abbreviated schedule due to Covid-19, this weekend looks to be as good as it gets given the current circumstances.

As Covid-19 continues to rage across the country this weekend will undoubtedly be your best chance to get some seat time in before we settle into late summer at which point just a few select races will remain on the already abbreviated 2020 schedule. This weekend you’ve got three excellent choices to chose from starting with NBRA Mods and USTS PRO classes at Point Park on Raccoon Lake in Centralia, IL

If the Mod and Pro boats are not your cup of tea, head out to Springfield Lake Ohio where tunnel boats will be on the docket all weekend long at Champions Park Lake for Wake the Lake 4. Springfield, Ohio will also host a select number of Mod classes so for those who can’t make the trek to Centralia take your Mod rig to Springfield. *Please check pre-registration rules as time is running out. 


Last but not least if Marathon racing is your thing head up to Top O Michigan where Stock Outboard hulls will challenge the Indian River in a grueling 80-mile marathon. The race is broken up into a two-day event where 42 miles are run on Saturday and 42 miles are run on Sunday totaling over 80 miles when all is said and done. 


On the European scene, Tonsberg Norway will host a regular UIM event featuring F2 boats along with other supporting classes. This event has been a fan favorite for a few years as the picturesque town is a beautiful backdrop for a spectacular weekend of racing. 


As we stated at the jump with Covid-19 still raging across all 50 states this coming weekend might be the only chance you get to have some seat time, so pull those trailers out, wipe down that gear and get moving. Pass up this weekend and your probably looking at Spring, Summer 2021 before you hear your next starter’s orders.

Reminder, if you were hoping to wait things out and hit Lock Haven, PA, and other late summer races most of those have already been canceled so once again this weekend is probably your best bet.

*Please remember these are not normal times and all events listed above will have strict deadlines for pre-registrations along with Covid-19 restrictions so please read all the fine print for each event before traveling. 

*Artcle photo credit: Top O’ Michigan Boat Races | Flickr

  • Live streaming will be available for Tonsberg and Wake the Lake 4 

We’ve added the respective contact links for each event below:


Official Website of the TOMORC | Outboard Racing at its finest in Northern Michigan


USTS Centralia, IL 

National Boat Racing Association – NBRA


Tonsberg Boat Race

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