Here’s your weekend outlook for August 14/16 2020

Photo credit: Chris Ritz Top O Michigan 2020

Plain and simple it’s back to pretty slim pickings across the board as what little powerboat racing that has managed to slip through the cracks and still take place with all the Covid-19 restrictions is winding down this weekend. Last weekend probably saw the peak of the summer 2020 abbreviated schedule due to the virus outbreak. That said there will be a few outliers that have still managed to hold on and as of this writing, there is still at least one more NBRA race along with at least one more USTS event after which its pretty much lights out for 2020. Tunnel boats pretty much wrapped up their one race season last weekend at Champions Park Lake in Springfield, Ohio with little to no new races on the schedule going forward for the remainder of the season.

The boys from Throttled: Stock Outboard Racing Podcast had a pretty interesting show last night where the guys relived the grueling task of making their way through the Top O Marathon Nationals last weekend so make sure to check it out. We believe you can listen to past shows, if not hopefully one of the guys will chime in and let us know how to listen to previous recorded shows. Throttled: StockOutboard is on Mixlr.

Content-wise Jared Romesburg is also putting out some pretty good stuff on his Racer H2O channel so make sure to jump over and check out his latest interview with RJ West winner of the 2020 Champions Park Lake coveted F1 class. 

Last but not least, on the European scene, there is racing scheduled to take place in Kupiskis Lithuania where the curtain will be pulled back on the 2020 European Championships for GT15, GT30, and OSY400 this weekend. As news comes in from across the pond we will be sure to get it out as soon as possible. Otherwise, back here stateside settle in for a pretty boring weekend of honey-do things around the house.

Enjoy the clip below as team take off from the beach at Top O, MI last weekend, be safe everyone, more news after the break.



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