Top O MI Marathon is more than a race it’s about the entire community by Callie Shensky

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One of the many reasons I love Top O’ Michigan Marathon Nationals is the spectators. They are not just watching the race, but they are truly an extension of everyone’s pit crew.

With the unfortunate event of my boat not making it across Mullet on Saturday. Also, because of the amount of water in my boat, there happen to be a short in my kill-switch wires so I was getting electrocuted every time I touched my throttle. After my boat got off plane for the 5th time, I looked back to see water pouring out the back of my boat back into Mullet. I did happen to witness 8H flip in front of me. So after my motor died, I paddled over to him to let the oncoming boats know he was floating in the water. Once all of the boats had passed I hopped onto the front of my boat and tried to paddle her into shore. With my boat being completely full of water it was actually extremely hard 😅 If I got too far forward all the water would rush to the bow and it would sink and make the back of the boat stick out of the water. After about 15 minutes I finally got her to shore and the gentleman at this house got onto their boat and went to rescue 8H! I was able to get her onto a boat lift, I pulled the duck bill and began to drain her. After the majority of the water was out I asked if they had a small bucket or a cup I could use to get the rest of the water out. They luckily had a hand bilge pump!! I asked the lady to use her phone to call into race command to let my dad know I was down. I was able to get ahold of my dad on his phone and he informed me that Andrew was also down. Since we only had one trailer I told him I was going to try and get her started again and just head back to the pits. With the help of this family and Ron Beaudoin I was able to get it started and head back to the pits.

Fast forward a week later I received a message request on Facebook. It was from one of the guys who helped, and he sent me all these pictures!! How cool right?!? It really just shows the behind the scenes of what Top O is all about. Top O is a open course, your pit crew helps you for the start, and then a hour or so later hopefully sees you cross the finish line.

I didn’t even think we were going to even have a Top O race this year. Even though it didn’t end like I’d hoped, I’m extremely grateful that the show went on. Without the help from Sam Fairbairn, James Kline, Andrew Thirlby, Mike Shensky, Johnny Wlodarski, John Broge, Bob (Papa) Broge, Adam Allen, Colin Smith, Peter Lauer, Daniel Pearson (sorry I drank all your beer at the marina), and honestly so many others, I would not have been able to attempt the race this year. Thank you all so much!!

ALSO A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDREW FOR FINISHING SUNDAY AND GETTING 4TH!! I am so proud of you babe! It was his first ever marathon and stock race!!!!

Here’s to next year!!!

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