Will the Mercury 4 Stroke 60HP finally be a welcomed edition to American outboard series racing

“The 60 h.p. in-line four-cylinder Mercury Formula 4 is the dominate engine in Class 1 competition at the grueling 24 Hours of Rouen endurance race but here state side the out of production OMC SST60 is still being run. “

OPC Powerboat racing state side is evolving and there is a very interesting buzz on Social Media after RJ West posted a video clip featuring one of his Composite Craft hulls running with a Merc 60. How amazing would it be to see 12 or 13 of these at Champions Park Lake in the near future. David McMurray sells the motor out of Nashville Marine and you can get the hull from RJ West. 5 to the 5 lets go racing, who’s in?

The class is also very popular in Asia and can also be seen on the UIM F1H2O tour throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Regarding the two videos below, this is some of the recent chatter from social media.

Via Robert West This was shipped to Panama

Via Leland Broge What’s the speed difference between that and a 45?

Via Robert West Leland Broge, this went 70 without any testing with a mercury prop off the shelf

Dan Bunting
 Let’s do it then…I’ll commit to buy the 1st one

For those not familiar with the class or motor we’ve added a clip below to give you a flavor of just how popular the class is in Europe etc.

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