F350 Hydroplane class update from the Viverone World Championships

Today the conditions did not allow for the Hydros. We had a small window of good weather but unfortunately it did not last long enough to go in the water. Now we patiently wait for tomorrow and the hope of better conditions!

Via Alessandro Cremona Fan Club #46

Who will emerge UIM F350 World Champion this weekend

This weekend the curtain will rise on what will be a single event where the winner will take all and emerge the 2020 UIM F350 World Champion. The stage is set at Lake Viverone in northern Italy where some of the world’s top UIM F350 drivers will compete in what is sure to be a…

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Alex Cremona returns to the water for the first time since his accident a year ago

The popular Italian driver now fully recovered from his wicked crash in 2019 has returned to test the waters at the very location which nearly claimed his life a year ago. Facebook Comments

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Wind conditions have settled at Viverone Lake 馃嚠馃嚬 boats are in the water

Follow all the days action at F4 Powerboat Series Facebook Comments

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