A rare behind the scenes look inside a Japan Boat Racing School

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At the Boat Racer Training School, the racers learn about maintenance, installing engines, accurately measuring and disassembling and assembling the racing engines. They also learn how to do performance improvement maintenance and basic propeller modifications in preparation for racing.

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At 06:00, a buzzer wakes you up. The day starts then: bed properly made, folded corners, dressed and out for exercise within 3 minutes. Cleanliness extends to the common living area and that eventually leads to a well-maintained boat and engine.
There’s a BOATRACER Training School in Fukuoka.
To become Boatracer you need to pass the entrance exam and then graduate the one year course.
That means 06:00 to 22:00 days, 6 days a week of dormitory living, maintenance study, boatracing practice and physical training. And there’s no going home. No going out. No cell phones. Real deal boot camp. And if you do not meet requirements, you’re out.
Physically and mentally it is fairly hard core. If you want to be a successful professional racer, you’ve got to put in the work.
After enduring one year of hard work and rigorous training, the rookie racers graduate from the Boat Racer Training School. After one year of day in and day out living, working and studying together, at the graduation ceremony it all gets a bit emotional for both rookie and instructor alike.

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