Dynamite Boat Race Japan rolling out high quality engaging content on social media


Even though this is a form of legalized gambling, the American powerboat series should still take note of their massive social media campaign. Week after week, they are producing and rolling out high-quality, engaging content that is sure to attract people in one way or another which in turn grows the popularity of their product.  Many of the drivers also have YouTube pages with quality content which is another way to attract and grow the fan base. Not a sermon, just a thought!

SG 23rd Challenge Cup & GII 7th Ladies Challenge Cup starts today at BOATRACE Gamagori!!!
Excited to see the race battles toward the Grand Prix and Queen’s Climax. Via: Dynamite_boatrace_japan

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Via Dynamite_boatrace_japan Chika Hirayama is a mother of two, a wife, and the current #1 female racerChika won her first Premium GI victory in August and she has donated part of her winning prize, 1 million yen, to her hometown, Marugame city. The donation is used to restore Japan’s tallest stone wall of Marugame Castle…

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